Most people spend an enormous amount of money on their car insurance, house insurance, health insurance, and life insurance, but they have no eternal insurance.  They spend the early part of their lives preparing for a career in school and college.  Then they spend the rest of their lives building a comfortable life and preparing for retirement.

Yet, they seldom prepare properly for the most important event of their life.  This event will transform their future in such a way that in trillions of years from now, they will still be impacted.  This event is death, a point of no return.  Death is a bridge that will lead them into infinity and beyond. They will will never have a second opportunity to go back and prepare. Money can’t buy love or eternal life, which are two of the most important commodities in the universe.  Both are free.

Whatever they have done in this short test called Life will result in how they will spend their future eternity.  Will yours be comfortable?  Painful? Horrific?  Heavenly?  Have you prepared?  This life is only a test and death is the buzzer.  How much time do you have left?

Our goal is to help you as you prepare for that life-changing event.  Read on … and thanks for visiting our site.


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  1. “Whatever they have done in this short test called Life will result in how they will spend their future eternity”
    I find this statement very disturbing. Why? You are a human being, you have never seen God/Allah or your preferred creator, and you have no means to put him under the scientific scrutiny, thus, you might have loads of doubts about the existence of your creator. By “you” I mean any human, not just you my friend “eternalinsurance”. So why would an all loving creature judge me and shape my destiny for ever, be in in hell or in heaven, based on a very finite period of time, we call life? Don’t you think that punishing a “say murderer” for eternity a way too much for his guilt?

    Please bare in mind that I am not saying that murderers should not be punished, no, they deserve to be punished. But don’t you think ETERNITY is too much for a finite guilt? Besides, how would I ever live an eternal happiness with God, knowing that my child/daughter or any dear relative of mine is burning eternally in hell for something “wrong” he has committed? Even if your child committed “say rape”, and you are completely against what he has done, will you ever hate him to punish him for “eternity”? You might have fight with him, or even deliver him directly to the nearest police station, but I will never ever think of sending him/her to eternal damnation.

    Even if all the people you know are righteous and pious, and you don’t have to worry about them being tortured in hell for eternity. How can your human heart/soul be happy knowing that there are other humans that you have never met that are burning in hell for eternity for a finite sin they have committed? Eternal happiness is just an nonexistent concept, practically impossible.
    Thank you for accepting my comments

    • If we did more than slap people on the wrist in America, then perhaps there wouldn’t be so many shootings in our schools? But that’s another conversation. Even with the threat of eternal fiery damnation, men mock GOD and refuse the loving sacrifice of His only Son. It seems the punishment still isn’t enough of a threat. As far as how we will think in heaven, we can’t even comprehend it. Will we think about those who rejected GOD who are being tormented? We aren’t told, but we do know that we will think like GOD instead of humans for we will be like Him (I John 3:2). You didn’t create yourself. GOD did. You are simply a creation. Like a pot which the potter can use as He pleases. The pot may have a high opinion of itself. We have a high opinion of ourselves – too high. GOD has an accurate view of us and what we deserve. A criminal may have a high opinion of their own morals and value compared to the rest of society and what they think of him. Someone who kills your loved ones may say they “didn’t mean to do it”. Why ask humans about what humans deserve? Have you ever asked a fire ant, a fly, a pit viper, a spider, or a bug that you squashed what it thought of itself before you squashed it? Do you feel guilty for killing a poisonous viper or exterminating deadly bacteria from your body? GOD is more Just than we are. At least, He came to earth, knowing how we would torture him, crucify him, and spit upon him, and gave himself as a sacrifice in our place, and then as an eternal Person, He endured the tortures of hell for us. He’s not asking those who die and go to hell to endure anything more than what He did … except he was innocent and we are guilty.

      • I read this morning Isaiah 65:17 “the former things shall not be remembered.” Do you think that also speaks to how we will not be looking for those who are not in heaven? I have been thinking too lately about how when we are like Him we will be just as He is just, and would not wish those who reject Him to escape the punishment He demands. I don’t think about the eternal damnation of the lost – my mind cannot accept it. We will have to be like Him with a mind like His to acknowledge the truth of such a terrible thought.

  2. It is refreshing and edifying to connect with the “remnant” in these days as we count down to the end of the Church Age. I appreciate your diligence here and I pray you will find my posts of some encouragement and comfort.
    In Christ,

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