TRUTH: Love’s Guide

Biblical Connection

Love speaks TruthPaul, Jude, John, Peter, and other apostles were able to earnestly and assertively debate false teachers, because they were knowledgeable of the Scriptures and were imbued by the Holy Spirit. They were commanded by GOD to debate and expose them.

Love speaks Truth5Most don’t realize that we are commanded to do the same, However, many authors and theologians today feel they would be insensitive, intolerant, or unloving if they spoke the Truth as the Apostles did.  In other words, they presume to know better than the Apostles.


Is there any inspiration, infallibility, or reliability in men’s quotes or books? Do men’s opinions really matter as they are promoted behind pulpits, mics, pens, and video cameras across this land? Aren’t all the men and women you know imperfect?

Truth gives Love direction. Truth gives Love direction.

“Yes”, all the people I know are imperfect and “no”, their opinions are not inspired, inerrant, or infallible. On the other hand…

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