SABBATHS: Do they matter?

Biblical Connection

vaticanDangerous and devious deceptions are abundant these days. If you look one direction, you see a lie, and if you look in the opposite direction, you will see a lie. All around you, lies are flowing freer than water. Am I talking about our President? Our Congress? Other elected officials?

I am talking about those who profess to be Christians. Many are wolves among the sheep. Others are sheep who stand to benefit by acting like a wolf. Some are just ignorantly parroting a lie to those around them. What is a Sabbath? Does it even matter? Isn’t this something that Judaizers, Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Hebraic Roots movements, and others emphasize? We will deal with some of these groups later in this article.

SabbathScripture tells us the definition of “sabbath” or “shabbath” as it describes the first one that took place.

“And on the seventh day…

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