PRIEST: Which one?

Biblical Connection

ConstantineWhat religion’s priest:

  1. Is called “Father”?
  2. Sprinkles the babies?
  3. Uses holy water on the congregation?
  4. Is celibate?
  5. Reveres Sunday as a holy day?
  6. Celebrates the sun’s waxing at Winter Solstice around December 25th?
  7. baal3Celebrates the Spring Equinox at Easter?

The answer is the religion of Mithraism.


How many people today are serving Satan when they think they are serving GOD?  Is the question really whether we have given our lives as a living sacrifice upon “the altar”? Or is the proper question “to which altar have we offered our lives, knowingly or unknowingly? Mithra

Mithraism was the Mystery religion of ancient Persian sun worship, a variant religion of the original Satanic Babylonian religion of Nimrod Baal worship which inspired numerous variant religions in places such as Rome, Greece, the Maya, China, India, and throughout the world. 

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