FAMILIES: Back to basics

Biblical Connection

imagesAs go the fathers, so go the families. As go the families, so goes the nation.

An elderly contributor sent the following which I thought was a well-written poem, reminding us of an older, more Biblical era of family values in the United States before the powers of evil swept across the land.

The poem reminds us of how almost all children of that era respected and appreciated their parents and the wisdom, correction, and example that they showed forth.

22Today’s youth, even in Christian circles, rebel against Biblical and secular authority, standards of morality, and conservative Biblical doctrines, standards of holiness or ethics. No wonder – they’ve watched dad and mom. Today, parents divorce to fulfill their own sexual desires in spite of what it does to the children, and are oftentimes physically, sexually, or verbally abusive, lazy, rebellious toward authority, and poor examples in so many ways.

A few decades ago, women were depicted as feminine, modest ladies, instead of hookers or loud-mouth, butch-like femi-nazis.  A…

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